Pirámides de Güimar and Candelaria Half Day


We begin our visit to Pirámides de Güimar, an Ethnographic Park of great cultural value measuring
some 64,000 square metres. The main attraction are the six step pyramids, oriented towards the sun during
the summer and winter solstices. We will walk through its Poison Garden.This interesting natural scene,
beside the park's footpaths, is unusual in that it houses over seventy poisonous plant species from around
the world. It is therefore a unique exhibition in the Canary Islands, which contains some of the world's most
dangerous plants in its 1.500 m2. Thus, the Poison Garden, apart from being conceived in order to promote
knowledge, conservation and enjoyment of a rather different botanical collection, also aims, from a playful
point of view, to educate and raise awareness about the danger to mankind of the poisons present in the
plant world. We will continue our route with a visit to Candelaria, where next to the ocean the basilica stands
in honor of the Virgin of Candelaria, patron saint of the Canary Islands, surrounded by imposing bronze
Guanche statues. A half-day excursion that will allow you to discover a little more about the culture of our
Guanche aborigines.

Every Wednesday.

Approximately 08.00am till 14.30pm.

Adults (over 12yrs): 32.00€

Child (2-11yrs): 16.00€

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